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New Braunfels Paving Pros is a local paving company with two (and only two!) strings to our bow. We provide concrete and asphalt paving services — and we do them really well.

Because we’re a specialist asphalt paving company, we have the luxury of being able to put all our eggs into one basket. Our team, our equipment and even our materials are chosen because they’re ideal for asphalt and concrete. It shows. 

If you’re a business or commercial property owner and you’re in the market for top quality paving at a price you can afford, give us a call or drop us a line. We’re friendly and ready to work. 

Our Services


Here’s what we can do for you:

  • Asphalt paving
  • Concrete paving
  • Asphalt and concrete repair
  • Asphalt sealcoating
  • Commercial paving services
  • Driveway Paving (you guessed, concrete or asphalt)

Read on for more information, or just reach out. 

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Asphalt Paving
  • All of our paving contractors have at least 15 years’ experience in all the best asphalt services. We’re the best. 
  • Asphalt formulation perfect for your conditions
  • Pothole, crumbling and crack resistant — get the most durability from your new asphalt investment
  • Smooth, attractive and durable finish
Asphalt and Concrete Repair
  • Asphalt and concrete are tough materials, but they’re not indestructible. Especially in Texas they’ll likely require some upkeep. 
  • We repair potholes, cracks, crumbling, you name it. We aim for a lasting repair by first resolving the underlying issue and then applying a cosmetic fix.
  • We’re experts at blending a repair in, giving you the best possible bang for your buck not just structurally, but visually too.  
Asphalt Sealcoating
  • Asphalt sealcoating is like a fresh coat of weather resistant paint, only it’s for your asphalt. It extends the life of your asphalt surface and boosts its curb appeal. 
  • We use the latest technology, equipment and materials. Our work is cutting edge. 
  • We thoroughly clean and prepare your surface first, greatly improving the bond of the sealcoat layer
  • Ready for foot traffic within an hour. Ready for vehicle traffic within 48 hours. 
  • Highly cost effective and affordable
  • Other companies will lay a slab o’ concrete for you. We’re in the business of transformation. Our stamping, staining and texturing techniques will make your concrete look fantastic. 
  • Durable concrete which will resist tree root damage, cracks, potholes and drifting
  • A range of finishes designed to give your house some curb appeal pop and your business a professional, “we mean business” look.
  • All work thoroughly inspected and quality assessed before completion. With our concrete contractors, you know what you’re getting. 
Concrete Paving and Workers
  • We welcome the opportunity to bid on your next commercial project. Our bid won’t be the highest and it will not be lowest but we can guarantee that it will be accurate, reasonable and competitive. 
  • Each foreman in our construction team has over 15 years’ experience in concrete and asphalt. We’re concrete and blacktop ninjas not just average general contractors. 
  • We’re professionals. Before we begin your site work, you’ll have a construction plan, timeline and costing. We’ll stick to each. 
  • We use a commercial application method, designed for maximum durability. You get four inches of pavement, specifically designed to withstand high foot traffic, load stress and general wear and tear. 
  • We’ll even work overnight shifts, if necessary, to minimize or even completely eliminate your business downtime. 
  • Our asphalt paving contractors provide parking lot maintenance, striping, resurfacing, patching chip seal and all other commercial asphalt repair services.
Large Concrete Truck Outside
  • Our concrete and asphalt driveways aren’t just tough, they’re good looking and protective of your well-being. That’s a triple threat right there!
  • We use the latest construction methods, equipment and materials.
  • All our quality work is inspected prior and post, to ensure you get a great quality asphalt or concrete driveway.
  • A range of great finishing options are available. We’re talking some serious curb appeal for homeowners!
  • Our concrete and asphalt driveways are crack, crumbling and pothole resistant. 
Driveway Paving

We’re licensed, bonded and insured asphalt contractors who offer quality workmanship in the New Braunfels surrounding areas, including San Antonio, Schertz, Spring Branch, Leander, San Marcos, Canyon Lake and Seguin. Our pavers are also experienced, reliable and friendly. You can’t go wrong. Just give us a call or request a free quote. We’ll be in touch fast to discuss your paving needs.

Over 160 years ago, a tiny plot of land was chosen by a German aristocrat to become a new home for a growing tide of German settlers. The hope was that this small haven in the new world would be an escape for people eager to leave a troubled Europe behind them.

From its first days until now, the town has prospered, partly because it’s so rich in natural resources but also in no small measure because it has always been filled to the brim with industrious people eager to make this place their new home.

Even today, there’s something unusual and unique about New Braunfels. That early German influence is alive and kicking, with every street corner showing some evidence of its unusual European influences.

Here’s a few things about New Braunfels which makes the town unique, fun and vibrant.


New Braunfels Was Established By A Bona Fide Prince

From its very first days, Texas had a policy of encouraging settlement by Europeans. As a result, Texas and its many towns were seen as a potential utopia and fresh start by Europeans eager to escape the political and cultural turmoil of their mother country.

Among these early European settlers was Prince Carl of Solms-Braunfels, Germany. He purchased 1,265 acres of land for the “princely” sum of $1,111. The town site he selected would become the heart of New Braunfels.


New Braunfels Was Designed Around German Town Planning Principles

Even today, you can see that New Braunfels differs in its urban layout to many other Texas towns.

New Braunfels has an open square with streets emanating outward at rigid right angles. The street frontages are remarkably narrow, partly to permit a compact ease of defense, and partly to ensure that as many inhabitants as possible had access to the town centre.

It’s a very different design idea than the more sprawling layouts you’d typically find in a Texan town, and decidedly European in feel as you walk through it. Today, it’s part of what makes downtown New Braunfels so unique.


New Braunfels Had Its Own German Language Newspaper

It was called The Zeitung and it operated as a completely unique German news service from its founding in 1852 right up until 1967.

The newspaper was a big deal at the time, offering a touch of civilization and a taste of home for German settlers. The Zeitung was thought to add a lot of extra appeal to New Braunfels as a place for German settlement, so much of the German flavor you see in New Braunfels today can be attributed at least in part to this thriving early newspaper.

Today, the weekly Herald and Zeitung are merged, but you still see the remnant of New Braunfels German cultural origins in the newspaper name.


New Braunfels May Have The Oldest Dance Hall in Texas

Dance Halls are a treasured part of Americana. The image of a line of dancers cavorting in courtly fashion to cheerful polkas is ubiquitous throughout Texas. It’s a recognized part of traditional life still observed to this day.

Gruene Hall in New Braunfels may well be the original dance hall! Built in 1878 and located in the heart of New Braunfels most historic town, Gruene, this hall hasn’t changed much over the years.

It’s a 6000 square foot building with a pitched tin roof and open air flaps on each side to permit ventilation. It remains an entertainment venue today, and hosts a constant and steady line up of music you can dance to. The business has never closed.


New Braunfels Today

One of the coolest things about visiting New Braunfels is that you can see its strong German influence around every corner.

Every November, New Braunfel’s Wurstfest (or sausage festival) is a meat and bear laden celebration of that rich, early German influence, and it continues to draw in tourists from all over Texas and the US.

The town itself feels strangely European, with its sharp Angles, rigid street planning and its subtly “crowded” feel. It’s particularly striking in Texas, where most towns seem to be built to permit as much as space as possible between neighbors.

And of course, speckled throughout the town you’ll find a huge variety of German eating places, bars and unusual German names. It’s part of the fabric of the town.


The ambience of a town is an unusual thing to quantify. Sure, it’s affected by its people, its buildings and its history, but the actual feeling you get when you walk through the heart of New Braunfels is somehow greater than the sum of those parts.

You feel a sense of living history. Even the fragrance in the air and street signs offer a fun little hint of what put new Braunfels on the map all those years ago.